Satisfied customers. I can't say I've ever had a bad class

A Recent Industry Professional

A recent attendee wrote this. It captures the CCTG spirit.


Combat Pistol


Just wanted to thank you again for the excellent class and personal instruction. I will absolutely be taking your next class as soon as it's scheduled, or if I find you doing another one within a reasonable distance, I'll probably get to one of those as well.

Again, "thank you" for your help. Hopefully next time I take one of your classes I've got my "take aways" from this one dialed in.

All the best,


Combat Pistol

Chris, it was a privilege to meet you and attend your Combat Pistol Course at Point Blank Range last weekend. I really enjoyed your professionalism and instruction throughout the course - I have a lot of work to do, but your training really made an impact on how I will train in the future. 

I look forward to meeting you again and if we are not able to set up your Diagnostics Course at PBR next year, I will work on setting the conditions to attend in FL next February. I have already recommended your training to several guys I worked with in the military, so you may begin to see a few old military guys from the 82nd and 101st Airborne in your future courses. 

I hope this note finds you well and I wish you all the best. 


Joe Army Ranger ret.

Combat Pistol

Took a two day combat carbine class. Great instruction to a group with a wide level of experience. Chris is serious about making you the best shooter you can be. His teaching style is entertaining and he demonstrates every drill before the class does it (and he shoots very well). I would recommend him as an instructor and will take take another course from him.

Diagnostic Pistol Instructor

Can't say enough about the excellent training I received from Chris and Michelle. Performance Diagnostics. Chris proves to you that your gun is fine. In my case he led me to make improvements to my P320 just by observing my grip. He taught us how to diagnose ourselves and how to help others by strict attention to the fundamentals. My shooting improved dramatically in just 2 days. He instills in you to run the gun, it doesn't run you. Exceeded my expectations in all areas. Thank you!


Through your instruction, an initial foundation was built by stressing the fundamentals, then reinforced through countless repetition, all the while adhering to those basic rules of marksmanship.

I will say though, it may seem simple, but the thing that made the biggest impression on me was that you actually shot with your students. I can't tell you how many classes and/or periods of instruction I've attended where the instructors mantra seemed to be "Do as I say...Not as I do" I'll never forget the first class I ever took with you, when as I was shooting, at some point, I realized that you were shooting next to me. It really made an impression on me that you weren't afraid to "put up, or shut up" in front of the class.


One of the best classes

Combat pistol with Chris Cerino is easily in the top 3 firearms classes I've ever taken, and I've spent thousands over the last 8 years. I'm not a professional nor am I an all-star; I'm a husband, father, concerned citizen and freedom loving American.

Chris's approach is memorable, personal and effective. His experience has led him to codify "Cerino-isms" that do a fantastic job of summarizing the lesson and making it stick with you. He takes your success, and lack thereof, personally. This was the first class where I was ever called out for poor performance, and it made a difference pretty quick. Once he got a feel for the class he started to adapt his techniques without compromising the underlying principles of the class. For a two day class I struggled, because I had a lot of bad training scars to overcome. I will say I showed marked improvement in my real world marksmanship fundamentals and took away tactics and Cerino-isms that come with me to the range every time to help me keep getting better.

For me, Chris separates himself from other trainers I've had because he's interested in results, not just pitching his program. I've had 2 day classes where we only use 6 targets all weekend. In combat pistol every string had a new target so you could see how you did and often get personal feedback. He'll also pick up your gun and shoot it better than you to prove you don't have a hardware issue, that goes a long way to building confidence in your gear. I can't recommend Chris Cerino enough and look forward to the opportunity to train with him again.



Intensity. As s former soldier I don’t need an instructor to blow smoke up my butt and baby me. I needed someone to calmly explain what I’m doing wrong and show me how to fix it. You did that in a respectful manner and yet in a way that communicated, “pull your head out of your ass and do it the way I showed you.”

Passion. There was never a single doubt in my mind that you wanted our time together to be nothing but the best for me. You saw it as your job to train me in a manner that would forever change the way I handled and fired a handgun and were relentless in your passion to execute that.

I have taken a lot of classes but you are still one of the best and favorite of all the exceptional instructors I’ve had.

Diagnostic Pistol Instructor

You’re the catalyst of a chain reaction that has improved shooters who improve shooters. I’ve instructed for three police departments using your methods and consistently watch good shots become great shots and lousy shots become good shots who go on to be better. I start every workshop, whether it’s CQB, decision making or combat pistol skills with a review of fundamentals: grip, trigger control, and presentation.


What you do as an instructor is treat everyone with respect, fairness, and dignity. What you do as an instructor is teach to the strengths of your students, not expect them to rise to your strengths. What you do as an instructor is simply inspire others to lead. You are what most instructors should aim to be. You have inspired me to obtain one simple goal as a fellow instructor..... students who are inspired and who learn and retain what you are trying to accomplish with them!!!

Safety Inherent

You pushed us to be great at the basic fundamentals. The part I appreciated the most was the safety aspect. You and your team made safety at the training your number 1 priority. Sight picture and getting the trigger on the pressure wall we’re two of the biggest takeaways for me.

Something for everyone

I thought you tailored the instruction/expectation to individuals’ ability and performance. Even within a group, you were able to make tweaks to how you did particular drills with individuals based upon strengths and weaknesses of those students. Likewise, your demands and criticism were based on observations of individuals and the level of skill each possessed.

Lasting Friendships

We met at a 3 gun match. I was told who you were and I watched to try to pick things up. I was carrying 3 mags for handgun because i was that bad. After having a great stage with my rifle and shotgun, I transitioned to my handgun and fell apart, as I always did. As I walked away frustrated and complaining, you approached me and asked if you could offer me some pointers. You stated what I was doing right and what I was doing good, then you pointed out where I was wrong. My grip was awful and as you began to explain things it started to click. I had taken multiple classes, from multiple instructors and I had heard it all before, but when you explained it, it was the first time I knew how I could apply the information. You worked with me for 10 minutes that day. I had 1 stage left, and I shot that stage with handgun, slow, but better than I ever had. In 10 minutes, you got my brain wrapped around what I needed to do, and although it was slow, I was shooting more accurately than I ever had. I had the base to build speed off of. You gave me knowledge, but most importantly you gave me comprehension and hope. I didn't cringe everytime I drew my pistol. I took your class and to this day I emphasize to everyone wanting training it should be the FIRST handgun class you take. The class provides the base to build on. I like the fact that you pushed each student to help them reach their potential. I'm thankful I took your class and I actually am interested in taking it again as a refresher. Anyone can pass you knowledge, but you were able to allow myself to develop comprehension.