Semi-Auto PIstol Operator

2 - 3 days

Learn to run the gun. Guaranteed to set you on the path toward greater understanding of what it takes to be a successful handgun operator. Performance is achieved through high repetition and attention to detail. Let a Pro shorten your learning curve with information and drills that will keep you shooting at higher levels for life.

This 2 day immersion hammers marksmanship and weapons handling skills. Semi-Auto Operator combines the essentials of marksmanship with the principles of combat shooting, placing them into a hierarchy of necessity and importance. Training focuses on mastery of foundational skills in a highly diagnostic fashion. Meeting the needs of all learners, drills create weapons handling and manipulation skills second to none. Run the gun by mastering the critical aspects of: muscular-skeletal alignment, platform, draw and presentation, modern grip, and aggressive trigger management.  Common misconceptions regarding shooting are addressed.

Specific training in the following: 

  • Safety, care & maintenance
  • Foundational skills  
  • Handling & manipulation
  • Malfunction clearance
  • Firing techniques
  • Defensive shooting drills      

Required equipment: 

Appropriate range attire. Daily work holster w/ magazine pouch, handgun w/ 3 magazines, hearing & eye protection, and 1000 rounds.

Special Concerns:

This is a physically demanding course with extensive amounts of shooting and weapon manipulation. Full focus and attention to detail is completely necessary. Combat Pistol is a fast-paced program. When on the range, you’ll be occupied loading magazines and taking notes between shooting drills.


Carbine Operator

2 - 3 days

The AR15 is a specialized weapon platform requiring specific training, but mastering it doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn the ins-and-outs of the platform and learn to run it like an operator. On completing this training you will be infinitely more familiar and successful with operation, firing and maintenance of America’s Rifle. Learn skills that you can take to the range or the combat field. Let a professional guide you through what it takes to run the gun like a machine.

Topics include:

  • Care, feeding, maintenance and safety
  • Foundational skills
  • Zero issues
  • Manipulation skills and techniques
  • Positional shooting (beyond basic)
  • Malfunctions (dealing with the worst)
  • Shooting from cover

Required equipment:

Appropriate range attire, carbine/rifle*, 3 magazines, sling (mandatory), hearing & eye protection, 1000 rounds.*acceptable rifles include SCAR or AR 15 style. Reliable .22LR conversions or pistol calibers permitted

Physical demands:

This course involves positional shooting from knees and prone. There is a lot of bending and picking up off the ground. We have students with limitations attend the course, but they are limited in their ability.


Diagnostic Pistol Instructor

2 - 3 days


You need to make the hits. Learn what it takes to hit and why you miss. Geared toward the semi-automatic handgun, DPI focuses on gear manipulation, weapon manipulation and the fundamentals of marksmanship. This course is founded in real life application and passes on years of valuable information regarding self diagnosis, diagnosis of others and remediation of high profile shooters. Information especially useful to those with instructional aspirations.  

Successful motor programming, advanced & remedial training drills, confidence building drills, target diagnosis, and shooter remediation are all included. This is your opportunity to gain vastly greater knowledge and understanding of how to obtain speed, precision and combat accuracy from yourself or students. No longer wonder why you or any other shooter is failing to perform after attending this firearms training. 

Specific training is provided in the following areas: 

  • Instructional techniques
  • Mentor vs instructor
  • Essential fundamentals
  • Live fire range management
  • Misconceptions of performance 

Required equipment: 

Appropriate range attire. Daily work holster w/ magazine pouch, handgun w/ 3 magazines, hearing & eye protection, pocket notebook and writing implement

and 1000 rounds

Special Concerns:

This is a mentally demanding course with extensive amounts of shooting and weapon manipulation. Full focus and attention to detail is completely necessary. This is a fast-paced program. On the range, you’ll be occupied loading magazines and taking notes between shooting drills.


Essential Pistol Skills

1 day

Essential skill classes meet the needs of people who want to start training beyond their CCW permit.  Research has shown that those who are not comfortable with their weapons skills are not likely to carry a concealed handgun even though they have earned their permit.

Most firearms enthusiasts go to their first training classes never having drawn a pistol from a holster or performing an emergency reload. Learning and practicing these essential skills is sure to make future training classes less daunting and more enjoyable.

Learn tips and techniques for weapons manipulation and gear use. Shorten your learning curve on what really is important and what isn't when it comes to deploying and firing handguns. 

Essential skills classes are what you need to become comfortable with carrying on a daily basis and having to deal with a potential lethal force encounter.

This training is appropriate for couples or people with limited physical ability.

What you really n

This essential training can be applied to any handgun. It is wise to call or email us before attending to maximize your experience.  An appropriate gear list will be emailed to registered students. 


Essential Carbine Skills

1 day

With the popularity and practicality of the AR15 today it makes sense to get training in this platform. Essential skills classes can prepare you for your next combat class or simply keep you safe when handling and shooting these popular platforms. Time on task is what builds skill and you'll get started here.

Learn tips and techniques for loading, firing and clearing the AR15. Get information on accessories that help or hinder your ability. From magazines to optics ,essential skill training will broaden your horizons. 

Essential skills include zero, sling use, deployment, care and maintenance necessary fundamentals and positional shooting. 

Learning more!

Applicable to all AR15 platforms, this training is also appropriate for .22 caliber and pistol caliber carbines. An information sheet will be emailed to all registrants.


FASTER Saves Lives 2020

2020 offerings below

How the FASTER Program Works

Each school selects staff members who are willing, competent, and capable. Experts on school violence provide training in armed response, crisis management, and emergency medical aid.

The FASTER program pays for tuition and lodging and local school boards authorize these trained staff members to carry firearms in school.

  • NO-COST TRAINING – This is a nonprofit program sponsored by Buckeye Firearms Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity. There is no cost to your school district. Since 2013, thousands of Ohio educators have applied for this specialized training.
  • COMPREHENSIVE PREPARATION – Training also includes crisis management and hands-on emergency medical training for life-threatening injury.
  • ON-CALL ASSISTANCE – Program experts can meet with school board members at no cost to answer questions and provide assistance for policies and procedures, insurance issues, legal and union concerns, and local police / EMT drills and coordination.

Learn More

Schools are “soft” targets for violence. And you know you need to take steps to respond to violent events and emergencies.

But what should you do? How will you do it? Who can help you with planning, training, and implementation?

The FASTER program is your complete, ready-to-go solution.

Created by concerned parents, law enforcement, and nationally-recognized safety and medical experts, FASTER is a groundbreaking, nonprofit program that gives educators practical violence response training. Classes are provided at NO COST to your school district.