About Us

Chris Cerino

Sometimes a Dremel works to modify gear quickly on the range,

Chris is a 28 year veteran of law enforcement. He has been a SWAT member, Federal Agent and more, but mostly he has always been a trainer. He trains internationally, competes regularly and works in the firearms industry in a wide variety of positions.

Michelle Cerino

Princess Gunslinger. Lightweight ARs are  pleasant to carry all day.

Michelle has 8 years of experience in the firearms industry. Built from the ground up, she is a valid competitor and shooter. Ever a "mama bear," she has mindset to compliment skill. The Managing Editor of Women's Outdoor News, she also writes for several firearms and other publications.

Outside Instructors


All of our outside instructors are valid, vetted and have real world skills. We never contract a class and send only outside instructors, despite their ability to do so without us. Cerino training is not Cerino training without a Cerino present.