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High level practical training, based on real life experience

Dedicated Instructors


Never mistake our kindness for weakness. We know what needs to get done and we're gonna get it done. We demand performance from ourselves and our students ... and we get it. No tough guy antics here. We want you to succeed in the very serious world of firearms.

High-Quality Instruction

11 Medals won at the Ohio Police and Fire Games. Three more were taken by Michelle Cerino.  Silvers!

With a 28 year law enforcement background, mostly in training and special operations, everything we do is practical and necessary. We won't change anything you're doing, so long as you can keep up. 

It's All About the Fundamentals

In 3 Gun you've got to have preprogramed skills so your brain is free to think and problem solve.

Three important factors are continually reinforced, gear manipulation, Weapon handling skills and fundamentals of marksmanship. Solidify these 3 to solve problems mentally, while your body goes on autopilot. 


Firearms Training


We offer a wide variety of firearms training from rifle and pistol to shotgun. Some classes are scheduled, while others are by request only. We accommodate special requests with combination classes, abbreviated classes, ladies only classes, family lessons and corporate events. 

Teachers! FASTER Saves Lives

The facility at Rittman, Ohio Range. Michelle addresses FASTER students.

We are one of 2 locations in Ohio contracted to train teachers, administrators and school employees to operate armed in the school environment. Check our scheduled courses page. 

Faculty Administrator Safety Training for Emergency Response

Law Enforcement Classes


Law Enforcement classes are scheduled by contacting us to host a class at your agency.  Free seats based on attendance help to incentivize  promotion of the class. Instructor level training is available. Let us tune up your instructor cadre.

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