multi day

Whether it’s competition or your job, you need to make the hits. Learn what it takes to hit and why you miss. Geared toward the semi-automatic handgun, DFIW focuses on gear manipulation skills, weapon manipulation skills and the fundamentals of marksmanship. Materials for this course are founded in real life application passing on years of valuable information regarding self diagnosis, diagnosis of others and the remediation of shooters. This information is especially useful to those with instructional aspirations. Topics covered include: attitudes, successful motor programming, advanced & remedial training drills, confidence building drills, target diagnosis, training techniques and shooter remediation plans. Attendees gain vastly greater knowledge and understanding of how to obtain speed, precision and combat accuracy from themselves and their students. You will no longer wonder why you or any other shooter is failing to perform after attending this firearms training.


          Duty belt w/holster and magazine carrier

     •     Pistol w/3 magazines (single stack bring more)

     •     Hearing and eye protection

     •     Pocket notebook and writing implement

     •     1200 rounds pistol ammunition


Pistol Performance Diagnostics