Cerino Rifle Training Ohio

    Cerino Consulting & Training Group employs only the finest instructors. These individuals have proven themselves over time to be tactically and operationally sound. Each posses the personality, skills and abilities to take shooters to the next level of performance no matter where they begin. All of our instructors have trained and operated at the national level, providing services to men and women who operate in the most dangerous environments around the world.

Chris Cerino

    Chris  is most recognized as the competitor that came in 2nd place in both Top Shot season 1 and Top Shot All Stars. He is currently the field host of Gun Talk TV, Guns and Gear and a trainer on The First Person Defender series on Gun Talk's YouTube page. He is an internationally known firearms instructor who has been training law enforcement officers, military operators and civilians for more than 18 years. He has worked as Peace Officer in a variety of positions from municipal and county to state and federal agencies spanning 23 years. Chris continues to instruct through his company Chris Cerino Training Group at the national and international level. Chris is a published writer on the topics of firearms training and instruction. He continually pursues validation of his skills and the skills he teaches by competing in three gun challenges, precision rifle matches and NRA action pistol matches across the country, as well as in the coveted Bianchi Cup, held yearly in Missouri.

         Chris takes pride in the fact that his skills have been founded in life experiences both the good and the bad. These experiences have given him a priceless education which he has used to train thousands of shooters. His time spent with the TSA and the Ohio Peace officer Training Academy accounts for ten years which kept him literally immersed in pistol training. A large and important piece of this is his experience remediating shooters who have had difficulty shooting. Having to find new ways to get shooters to feel comfortable and perform to strict operational standards is what made Chris the shooter and instructor that he is today.

      Teaching the importance of fundamentals in a “do as I do” fashion is what has resulted in him to being a respected instructor across the nation. He continues to instruct at the national level being hosted by sportsmen’s clubs and police agencies nationwide. Also at the international level through organizations such as IALEFI (International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors), ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association) and TREXPO (Tactical Resource Exposition). 

     The skills which he employs in police work and tactical operations against violent criminals as well as in the competition arena against the worlds best are the skills he brings to you through his very personalized training.

Michelle Cerino

     With a Bachelor’s Degree in Photo-Illustration, and a PreK-5 teaching license, Michelle is far from where she ever thought she would be. She's been working alongside Chris teaching on the range since 2011 when the company was formed. Michelle competes in both 3-Gun and the Action Pistol. She has been fortunate to train and shoot with the best shooters and competitors in the industry. Michelle brings a woman’s perspective to training. She is the managing editor  for Women’s Outdoor News, has a monthly training column in Gun World and freelances for Athlon and other outdoor and firearms publications.

Colton Cerino

     Colton fully understands the fundamentals of shooting and began competing in both national and international competitions at the age 12. He ranked 1st place in optics at the National Defensive Rifle Match in 2011 , and 2nd place juniors at the NRA Bianchi Cup in 2014. An Eagle Scout and a student at the University of Akron, Colton continues to compete in and teach others the fundamentals.

Andrew Blubaugh

    A former United States Marine, Andrew is a full time police officer. Currently assigned to patrol, he is a field training officer and the agency’s lead firearms and use of force instructor. Andrew is assigned to a multi-jurisdictional SWAT team serving as team leader. A highly motivational instructor, Andrew specializes in precision rifle and carbine training.  Also an adjunct instructor for Rifles Only in Texas, he possesses a variety of instructor and weapons armorer certifications. 

Rob Gaydosh

    Rob, is a full time police officer currently assigned to patrol operations. He serves as the agency’s precision rifle specialist and lead instructor for weapons and tactics training. Specializing in handgun training, Rob has the knowledge, skills and abilities to work with shooters obtaining amazing results. He spent 5 years as an adjunct instructor for the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy teaching a variety of weapons operator and instructor level classes as well as specialized tactics training.