Having your firearm discovered can be dangerous. Keeping your firearm concealed is mandatory and being able to function with your firearm from concealment is necessary. This brings  considerations to operating in a safe effective and economical fashion from concealment. This one day course introduces students to new ways to operate in a concealed fashion without loosing their tactical advantage. Topics include: dressing to conceal, concealment garments, concealment holsters and tactical considerations of concealment, quick accessibility to your firearm verse deep concealment and loss of reactionary speed. Training involves classroom instruction, dry fire and live fire drills.

Special Concerns: This is a physically demanding course with extensive amounts of physical movement (bending over, kneeling, standing and sitting). Full focus and attention is completely necessary for safety reasons. This is a fast-paced program and you will be occupied loading magazines and resetting your gear.

This course provides specific training in the following areas:  

     •     Stealthy draw techniques

     •     Shooting from seated positions

     •     Shooting from cover/concealment

     •     Reloads pertaining to small pistols/revolvers

     •     Awareness tactics

     •     Tactical mindset

Required Equipment: Appropriate range attire and concealment garment. (Ex. sport coat,  Vest, jacket, button down shirt etc.) Concealment holster (shoulder rig, belly band, Thunderwear, SOB, paddle, ankle holster, etc.) handgun w/ magazines or speed loaders, hearing & eye protection, and 300 rounds ammunition.

Concealed Carry Tactics