1 Day

Learn to run the gun with the proper skills and mindset. Manipulation and handling skills need to become automatic and performed without conscious thought. This training provides the repetitious nature that builds the performance you need in self defense and competition. Start the journey toward mastery with classroom and live fire.

Special Concerns: This class involves extensive amounts of weapon manipulation. Full focus and attention to detail is necessary. All Combat Pistol training is fast-paced. There are no regular breaks to limit down time. On the range you will be occupied loading magazines and taking notes between shooting drills.

Specific training is provided in the following areas:

     •     Essential skills

     •     Modern grip

     •     Handling and manipulation skills

     •     Malfunction clearance

     •     Reload drills

Required Equipment: Appropriate range attire. Daily work holster w/ magazine pouch, handgun w/ 3 magazines, hearing & eye protection, and 250 rounds ammunition.


Combat Pistol 1